17+ Years Experience
Hi, my name is Marc de Haan, clockmaker for more than 17 years. As a young kid i saw the inner workings of clocks at a family members house, and looked what clocks he was working on. He went to school for it, where in the 60's there was still a big need for mechanical clock repair. 

It was not until my late 20's that I got the idea of working in his clock shop part time. Eventually I started working full time and learned the trade working in his clock shop doing repairs. I was helping customers with their priceless heirlooms and selling them the best quality clocks.
After that I started my own business in 2001.

I was running my own clock retail store for 5 years, where I sold Howard Miller, Ridgeway and Sligh clocks, and had a location in the design district in Dallas for a while.

These days i just do house call repairs. 

This is my office location. 

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