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I offer clock repair by appointment.Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.Cleaning the clock works will be done in a professional ultrasonic machine. I also sell new clock movements. I also do grandfather clock set up and moving to selected States.

*House Calls for grandfather clock repair (newer or antique)
*Clock Cleaning & Oiling
*Overhaul & installation of new bushings
*Battery clock repair
*Gear repair
*replacing lost parts
*Sales and installation of brand new clock works
*Grandfather clock set up to selected states in the US.
*Sales and purchasing of clocks and parts.

The mechanical clock is built very much the same today as it has been for the last 400 years. At the heart of every clock is the movement. With regular service, it can run for many generations. The best way to maintain your Grandfather clock is with proper oiling and lubrication every 3 to 4 years. Oil will break down and dry up over time. Dust will accumulate and the gear pivots become gummy. Texas is especially dusty and this is a big problem for clocks. Dust is the worst enemy of any mechanical instrument. Only oils and greases made specifically for clocks should be used. Spray lubricants such a WD40 can cause serious problems. Some contain moisture displacing chemicals and solvents. Everything wears down over time and clocks are no exception. After ten years, usually a clock movement is dirty and the bushings are showing signs of wear. Most require repair work by the time they are 20 years old.

Clock Services and repair

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Grandfather clock parts
Repair broken tooth on clock
Inside of Clock
Installing bushings:

The inner workings of a clock's movement are held together by two brass plates. Clock gears are held in place by these two plates. Each clock gear has a steel pivot penetrating the brass plate. During normal operation the gear turns which creates a point of friction between the plate and the pivot. When oil is present, in the oil sink, friction is significantly reduced and wear on the brass plate is minimized. However, overtime the oil dries up and dirt gathers in the oil sink. Without oil acting as a lubricant, the once round hole eventually becomes oval. If this is allowed to continue the clock gears get out-of-sync, and the clock will stop working. To repair the clock, a rebushing is required to make the oval hole round again. When a rebushing is performed, a bigger hole is drilled in the clock plate and a brass bushing is installed which reduces the hole to its original round diameter.

After a big overhaul, have your clock oiled every 4 years or so, not doing so might cause the clock to stop working.

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